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      MagicSoft CG

All HD and SD modes are supported

Broadcast quality, 3D working environment, 32 bit GPU-based rendering

Allows to work simultaneous with multiple projects

Works with all Decklink cards

New custom made transitions can be implemented

Support for GPI, RSS feeds, scripting and external TCP/IP commands

      MagicSoft Playout

Playlists allows mixing SD, HDV and full HD materials

Support for avi, mxf, mp4, mov, mpeg2 and H264 with frame accurate in and out mark points

Flexible metadata can be associated with the video materials

Playout can be linked over TCP/IP with the Magicsoft CG

Works with all Decklink and Intensity cards

Different audio sample rates are supported

      MagicSoft Streaming

Supports multiple publishing points

Can be used behind a firewall

Based on Microsoft Windows Streaming

Http based streaming that avoids firewall restrictions

Allow two inputs and two streams

Accepts any Blackmagic card as input

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