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MagicSoft CG 7 (package with demo and dongle versions)
MagicSoft CG Windows7 (64 bit recommended) ver. 7.2.1 Download
MagicSoft CG (upgrade only) Windows7 (64 bit recommended) ver. 7.2.1 Download

Video tutorials for CG ver. 7
Installation and requirements
Basic concepts
Working with text and rectangles
Working with images and rtf
Working with digital and analog clock
Working with live-input and sound wav
Working with the timeline
Working with a lower-third project
Working with a ticker project
Working with the timer project
Working with the playout project
Working with a script project

MagicSoft CG 7 recommended drivers
Decklink Windows7 (32 & 64 bit)
ver. 9.7.5 Download
Decklink ( only for Decklink SDI 4K and Decklink Studio 4K) Windows7 (32 & 64 bit)
ver. 10.1.1 Download
nVidia Windows7 32bit
ver. 320.49 Download
nVidia Windows7 64bit
ver. 320.49 Download
Ati Windows7 32bit
ver. 13.4 Download
Ati Windows7 64bit
ver. 13.4 Download

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