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    MagicSoft Cleaner          

Cleaner - Blur - Unwanted content

Magicsoft Cleaner is a complex tool for ensuring that the content and the technical characteristics of the video and audio signals are suitable for broadcasting.

Magicsoft Cleaner protects against broadcasting of unwanted content, like nudity or indecent language and provides additional options for video legalization, color correction, insertion of logo, safe area previewing and audio monitoring.

Additionally, it can have two simultaneous outputs, one of them being the up-converted or down-converted depending on the resolution of the input.

MagicSoft Cleaner is a 64-bit software application that runs only on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and the server equivalents.

The Cleaner works for SD or HD setups by processing the input video as YUV 4:2:2 10 bit, it can process up to 16 audio channels (16 bit 48KHz) depending on capabilities of the frame-buffer.

MagicSoft Cleaner is a software to be used by broadcasting stations or production studios and it has the following functions:
       - blurring the scenes containing wardrobe malfunctions, nudity or obscenities
       - audio masking of offensive or indecent language (by inserting beep, mute or another preselected sound)
       - inserting station logo
       - legalize the levels of the video signals
       - up-converting or down-converting (by using a simultaneous additional output)
       - displaying safe-area markers in the preview
       - video color correction
       - monitoring the audio loudness parameters
       - displaying audio level by using one VU-meter with peak (per channel)
       - adjusting the audio level per channel
       - inserting wide screens signaling
       - swapping the order of the fields

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