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    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.5.2 and MagicSoft CG ver 8.3.11           [ 10 February 2020 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.5.2 and MagicSoft CG ver 8.3.11 was released and
it adds the possibility to display subtitles with CG by superimposing the text over video.
The subtitles can have between 1 and 3 rows supporting auto-fit and UNICODE
( choosing a specific language encoding for ANSI text is also supported ).

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.5.1           [ 28 January 2020 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.5.1 was released and it adds the possibility to introduce still images in playlist.
You can configure the duration associated to the pictures and you can resize the pictures similar to other video materials.

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.12           [ 22 January 2020 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.12 was released and it adds the possibility to assign colors to playlist entries ( related to program type and parental rating ).

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.3.2           [ 10 January 2020 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.3.2 was released and it fixes the problem of deleting the old media files when the recordings are set to be stored in daily created sub-folders

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.10           [ 12 December 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.10 was released and it adds :
     -improved algorithm for assigning and calculating the duration of Live input entries
     -support for importing playlists made on other databases (with different GUID identifier)

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.3.0           [ 11 December 2019 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.3.0 was released and it adds improved segmentation algorithm
for better handling continuous recording ( 24/7/365 ).

    MagicSoft CG ver 8.3.0           [ 11 November 2019 ]
MagicSoft CG ver 8.3.0 adds support for up to 4 inputs
and each input can be configured to work with a Decklink card or with a NDI stream.

    MagicSoft CG ver 8.2.3           [ 5 November 2019 ]
MagicSoft CG ver 8.2.3 adds :
     - NDI input and output for all video modes
     - improved performance in 4K video modes for "picture in picture" when using Decklink or NDI as input
     - improved management of the projects in CG server

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.7           [ 4 November 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.7 adds :
     - a new algorithm for calculating the elapsed time of a trimmed clip
     - option to replace a playlist entry with a clip having the same name
          ( right-click on the clip and choose the corresponding entry from menu )
     - option to insert clips that will be available at a later time (by inserting list containing the name of the clips)
     - a new algorithm for prioritizing the analyze of the selected clip
     - a new algorithm for checking the availability of the selected clip
     - option to reset the grid columns settings (from program menu, Edit -> Reset Grid Layout)
     - option to change the color text and background of the grid (from program menu, Configuration-> Settings -> Colors)
     - a new algorithm for extending the functionality of the folder templates to Playlist Editor

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.2.12           [ 23 October 2019 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.2.12 was released and it adds improved scheduling algorithm
for better handling time savings date change.

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.4           [ 17 October 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.4 adds :
     - improved scanning algorithm
     - better handling of metadata for folder templates
     - extended possibility to configure Decklink cards like Duo2, Quad2 and 8K Pro

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.0           [ 8 October 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.4.0 adds the possibility to use a module for "advanced audio" options.
The module allows you to :
     - set up to 16 audio output channels
     - apply real-time audio loudness normalization

    MagicSoft CG ver 8.1.12           [ 18 September 2019 ]
Twitter to Text application was updated, now supports long messages.
The LiveManager functionality was extended to manage the text files ( enable/disable/edit/delete ) and show the onair messages.

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.2.11           [ 9 September 2019 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.2.11 implement saving files with short names.
In case that there is a conflict name, in order avoid deleting the existing file, the recorded file will be saved as :

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.3.4           [ 4 September 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.3.4 adds support for nVidia cards to be used for RTMP web streaming.
The supported resolutions covers 4K, HD, SD and lower (up to 360 x 288).

    MagicSoft Cleaner ver 1.2.6           [ 20 August 2019 ]
MagicSoft Cleaner ver 1.2.6 adds :

- improved memory allocator allowing setting delays over 1 minute
- indicators that displays the necessary amount of RAM memory required for a certain delay time

    MagicSoft Cleaner ver 1.2.5           [ 9 August 2019 ]
MagicSoft Cleaner ver 1.2.5 adds :

- better support for DeltaCast cards with bypass relay
- the watermark of the demo version was made less intrusive
- improved preview of the blurring area selected with the mouse or touch-screen
- fix for preview of the opacity area selected in preview for 720p video modes
- support for Windows Server 2016

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.3.1           [ 6 August 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.3.1 adds a keyer feature that allow superimposing the graphics generated by MagicSoft CG
over the playout content (live or played files).
It is now possible to have the Playout and CG running on the same computer without needing a hardware keyer.
MagicSoft Playout keyer works for all resolutions, from SD to 4K.

    MagicSoft CG ver 8.1.7           [ 6 August 2019 ]
MagicSoft CG ver 8.1.7 adds support for NDI output and sharing render buffer with MagicSoft Playout.

    MagicSoft Streamer ver 2.1.1           [ 19 July 2019 ]
MagicSoft Streamer ver 2.1.1 improves support for RTMP web streaming by enhancing the quality for the video encoding.
The same quality can be achieved now for a bandwidth reduced by 30% (and the requirements for PC resources remains the same).

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.2.2           [ 16 July 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.2.2 adds support for RTMP web streaming with resolutions ranging from 4K to 360 x 288

    MagicSoft CG ver 8           [ 4 July 2019 ]
MagicSoft CG ver 8 was released and it adds new features :

- support for 4K video modes
- support for latest Decklink and Intensity drivers
- on the fly lossless compression of the textures
- Manager application with watch-dog and email reporting
- possibility to play a wide variety of codecs and containers ( like H264, Quicktime png or tga with alpha etc )
- application is now 64 bit
- lower CPU consumption for live capturing
- improved "2D text fit" feature for Arabic text
- implemented "text justify" as an option for text fit feature.You can use the option to use justify only if the text length exceeding a certain perchance of the row length
- possibility to adjust the distance between rows of text
- implemented a new blending mode that improves the look of the highly transparent pictures / rectangles and eliminates the black contour of the white text ( the old mode is preserved for compatibility reasons and the selection can be made from Video setup dialog )
- improved preview dialog of the image selection
- improved user interface for PC monitors with lower resolutions

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.1.8           [ 10 June 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.1.8 adds support for counters to be displayed in a custom window.

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7.1.5           [ 27 May 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7.1.5 was released and it adds :
      - support for NDI input ( YUV 4:2:2 and RGBA with optional low-bandwidth )
      - support for additional NDI output ( as YUV 4:2:2 with optional low-bandwidth )
      - NDI is available for all 4 live inputs and all 4 outputs

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.2.9           [ 10 May 2019 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.2.9
      - improvement of the string parsing engine to handle the situation when the file name contains not eligible characters (like ":" or TAB) so those characters will be replaced by underline "_"

    MagicSoft Playout ver 7           [ 7 May 2019 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 7 was released and it adds some great new features :

      - possibility to have up to 4 channels per computer
      - possibility to have up to 4 Live inputs
      - new video modes :
               1080p23.98 / 1080p24 / 1080p25 / 1080p29.97 /1080p30 / 1080p50 /1080p59.94 /1080p60 /
               4K 23.98 / 4K 24 / 4K 25 / 4K 29.97 /4K 30 / 4K 50 /4K 59.94 /4K 60
      - automatically resize, match aspect ratio and transcode the media files and the live inputs to match the output
      - new codecs built-in
               H264 AVC Intra 50 and AVC Intra 100 .mxf
               H264 8 bit and 10 bit .mp4 / .mov / .avi / .mkv and transport stream ( 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 )
               HEVC 8 bit and 10 bit .mp4 / .mov / .avi / .mkv and transport stream ( 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 )
               XdCAM 35 and XdCAM 50 .mov and mxf
               ProRes .mov
               DNxHD 8 bit and 10 bit .mov and .mxf
               DNxHR .mov and .mxf
               Mpeg2 program stream and transport stream ( 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 )
               DV .avi /.mov /.mxf and rawDV
               DVCPRO .avi and .mov
               DVCPRO HD .mov

    MagicSoft Cleaner ver 1.2.0           [ 4 March 2019 ]
MagicSoft Cleaner ver 1.2.0
      - improves the compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016
      - adds support for USB sound monitoring devices

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.2.7           [ 12 Dec 2018 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 2.2.7
      - improves the management of the setups involving multiple DeckLink Duo 2 or multiple DeckLink Quad 2 cards

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